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Units of alcohol

How much is "too much"?

The term “unit of alcohol” is used to define the amount of pure alcohol in a glass or bottle of alcoholic beverage. As a point of reference, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has established a unit of alcohol as 10 grams of pure alcohol.

There is no “hard” alcohol or “soft” alcohol. It’s the quantity of pure alcohol in the bloodstream that counts. On average, a healthy person eliminates 0.10 grams of pure alcohol per litre of blood in one hour.

glasses and units

Low-risk consumption thresholds recommended by health authorities in many countries.

  • 2 units of alcohol per day for women
  • 3 units of alcohol per day for men
  • 4 units of alcohol on special occasions
  • 0 units at least one day per week and at all times in high-risk situations (pregnancy and breastfeeding, under the legal drinking age, driving a vehicle, operating dangerous machinery, situations requiring care and vigilance, taking medication, etc.)

NB. 1 unit = 10g pure alcohol


Beware: Units of alcohol may vary by country
The important thing is to know how many units are in your glass and adjust your consumption accordingly.


Units of alcohol vary according to country

10 grams WHO, Australia, Austria, France, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Spain
8 grams United Kingdom
9.9 grams The Netherlands
11 grams Finland
12 grams Denmark, South Africa, Italy, Switzerland, Germany
13.6 grams Canada
14 grams United States, Portugal
19.75 grams Japan
How to organize a Responsible Party

You will find here all you need to know about the particularities of a Responsible Party and tips that will help you to organize it.

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Alcoholism is one of the four most serious public health problems


Tips for a Responsible Party
  • Don't go to the event on en empty stomach!
  • Take drinks at reasonable intervals so good company prevails and nobody gets drunk!
  • Avoid shots, bottoms up and paying rounds!
  • Let the glasses be empty before you ask for a refill!
  • Keep track of how many drinks you have had!
  • Alternate alcoholic beverages with soft drinks!
  • Avoid drinking games!
  • Accept a drink only when you really want one!
  • Don't drink and drive!
  • Beware of urbanlegends: remember coffee does not "sober up" intoxicated people and neither do cold showers!

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