Responsible Party


What are the risks?

Drinking too much increases risks of
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Violence, fights and arguments which could get you in trouble with authorities
  • Unsafe sex (unprotected) which could result in sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies
  • Becoming victim of crime
  • Embarrasing pictures on the internet
  • Not getting home safely
  • Vomiting, passing out or alcoholic poisoning
NB: When you "binge drink" you increase your blood pressure and the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
How to organize a Responsible Party

You will find here all you need to know about the particularities of a Responsible Party and tips that will help you to organize it.

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Vomiting is part of the body’s defense against alcohol poisoning


Tips for a Responsible Party
  • Don't go to the event on en empty stomach!
  • Take drinks at reasonable intervals so good company prevails and nobody gets drunk!
  • Avoid shots, bottoms up and paying rounds!
  • Let the glasses be empty before you ask for a refill!
  • Keep track of how many drinks you have had!
  • Alternate alcoholic beverages with soft drinks!
  • Avoid drinking games!
  • Accept a drink only when you really want one!
  • Don't drink and drive!
  • Beware of urbanlegends: remember coffee does not "sober up" intoxicated people and neither do cold showers!

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