Responsible Party

How to organise a Responsible Party?

Drinking & Driving

To avoid Drink & Driving issues please consider having alternative solutions

  • Designated Driver (DD):
    Needs to be well organized. Have a sign-in list at the entrance where designated drivers sign in & drop off their car keys. They will receive a bracelet which will provide the DD with free soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks during the event. At the end of the event, or when the DD leaves, give him a breathalyzer test and return his or her keys.
  • Shuttles & Buses:
    Free transportation is the ultimate solution. Some cities provide late night transportation, so don’t forget to communicate all the advantages of this method to students (cheap, convenient, risk free, no ticket if you drive). If there is no solution provided by your city, you should organize shuttles or buses yourself. But don’t forget to communicate the schedule of the buses!
  • Driving Back concept:
    Some organizations provide a chauffeur to drive you home in your own car after a party.
  • Taxi:
    If there is no alternatives, taxis are also a good solution. Be sure there are enough taxis available at the busiest time of the night.

To help support in financing,
  • Contact your school (they might help you),
  • or find different sponsors (highlighting the fact that their help will contribute to saving lives is always a good argument) & prevention association.
  • You can also try to negotiate discounts.

Avoid Open Bars:

These lead to irresponsible attitudes. Sell at the same level as a regular bar. Aim quality vs. quantity. Always have soft drinks, water and food available, or even non alcoholic cocktails.
In order to serve the right amount of alcohol, the use of a pourer (dosage measurement device) can help the bartender. This helps customers and bartenders to keep track of how much one is drinking, as well as controls costs.Try to propose a drinking list with cocktails that do not exceed 1 unit of alcohol

It is absolutely NOT recommended to use any energy drinks as mixers. It is proven by several health institutes that mixing alcohol and energy drinks can have bad consequences such as lead to dehydration and nasty hangovers.

How to organize a Responsible Party

You will find here all you need to know about the particularities of a Responsible Party and tips that will help you to organize it.

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Food in the stomach slows down the rate at which alcohol has its effects


Tips for a Responsible Party
  • Don't go to the event on en empty stomach!
  • Take drinks at reasonable intervals so good company prevails and nobody gets drunk!
  • Avoid shots, bottoms up and paying rounds!
  • Let the glasses be empty before you ask for a refill!
  • Keep track of how many drinks you have had!
  • Alternate alcoholic beverages with soft drinks!
  • Avoid drinking games!
  • Accept a drink only when you really want one!
  • Don't drink and drive!
  • Beware of urbanlegends: remember coffee does not "sober up" intoxicated people and neither do cold showers!

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