Sharing Good Vibes towards a Responsible Lifestyle

The same open questions answered by our guests who share their thoughts and views on Responsible Lifestyle to empower journeys 👊

The Guests:
– Alexandre Ricard, CEO of Pernod Ricard, 2nd worldwide producer of wine & spirits
– Gilles Bogaert, CEO of Pernod Ricard EMEA LATAM, 2nd worldwide producer of wine & spirits
– DJ Licious, DJ and Producer
– Kostis Giannidis, President of Erasmus Student Network, largest student organization in Europe
– Ella Robertson, Managing Director of One Young World, Global Forum for Young leaders
– Ulrich Adam, Director General of spirits Europe, association representing the European spirits sector
– Sibu Mabena, Creative businesswoman specialized on communications & Founder of Duma Collective

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